File a Complaint

To file a complaint, call the Inspectional Services Bureau at 901-636-4966 . The attendant will take your information, and an investigator will then call and set up an appointment. You may also email the Inspectional Services Bureau at [email protected].

If you would like to remain anonymous, call our hotline and at 901-636-4979.

Inspectional Services Bureau
2714 Union Ext.
Suite 600
Memphis, TN 38104

Office hours: 8 am to 4 pm, Monday – Friday

PLEASE NOTE – You must file a complaint with ISB before filing a complaint with CLERB.

Complaint Process FAQ

How do I file a complaint?

If you have a complaint or problem with the manner in which your call for police service was handled or your interaction with a police office, you may contact Inspectional Services Bureau (ISB) at 901-636-4955 or call the CONFIDENTIAL HOTLINE at 901-576-4979. Individuals may also file a complaint in-person at 2714 Union Ext., Suite 600, Memphis, TN.  Office hours are Mondays – Fridays from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.  

How long is the process for completing an ISB case?  

Timelines may vary on a case-by-case basis; however, ISB case are generally completed within approximately 90 days.

What happens after my complaint is filed?

An investigator will review the complaint and conduct initial interviews with the person that filed the complaint and other available witnesses.  After the preliminary review and initial interviews, the investigator will gather any necessary additional information to assist in the determination as to whether a case should be opened.  The investigator will then make a recommendation as to whether a case should be opened.  

What if I disagree with ISB’s findings?

Once an ISB investigation is completed and closed, a letter is sent to the complainant advising of the findings.  This letter contains contact information for Civilian Law Enforcement Review Board (CLERB) and it explains to the complainant that if they are in disagreement with the ISB findings they may file a complaint with CLERB.  

What happens if a case is opened?

If a case is opened, ISB will conduct an investigation that will include collecting evidence as well as interviewing the officer(s) subject to the complaint.  Once the investigation is complete, a hearing on the matter will be set.

What happens at the hearing?

The Hearing Officer reviews the case file and any defenses and new evidence presented by the accused officer. Based on the evidence presented, the Hearing Officer will uphold or dismiss the Statement of Charges filed against the subject officer(s).  If the charges are upheld, the Hearing Officer impose disciplinary actions against the subject officer(s). 

What if I disagree with the outcome of the hearing?

The complainant may file a complaint with CLERB if complainant disagrees with the outcome of the hearing held in the subject ISB matter.