Reimagine Policing in Memphis

We all want a better Memphis. Trust between law enforcement and the people they protect and serve is essential in our city. It is key to the stability of our communities, and the safe and effective delivery of police services. We want to listen and do the work to improve our Memphis Police Department.

File a Complaint

If you wish to file a complaint against a Memphis Police Officer, you may file by email, phone, or in-person. 

By Phone

You can call the Inspectional Services Bureau at 901-636-4966. The attendant will take your information, and an investigator will then call and set up an appointment. 

If you would like to remain anonymous, call our hotline at 901-636-4979.


You can file a complaint in-person. Inspectional Services is located at:

2714 Union Ave. Extended
Suite 600

By Email

You can email the Inspectional Services Bureau at [email protected].

Advisory Council Findings

New! Review findings and recommendations from Mayor Strickland’s Advisory Council on Reimagining Policing.

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We all want a better Memphis. Trust between law enforcement and the people they protect and serve is essential in our city. It is key to the stability of our communities and the safe and effective delivery of police services. To foster that trust, the Memphis Police Department is committed to investigating alleged violations against police officers and communicating the results of those investigations to the public. In addition, the Memphis Police Department will provide data on instances where an officer engages in the use of force or discharges their firearm against a person.

8 Can’t Wait

National research shows more restrictive use of force policies can reduce killings by police and save lives. The Memphis Police Department is already practicing these eight policies.

Ban Chokeholds & Strangleholds

Allowing officers to choke or strangle civilians, in many cases where less lethal force could be used instead, results in the unnecessary death or serious injury of civilians.


Require De-Escalation

Require officers to de-escalate situations, where possible, by communicating with subjects, maintaining distance, and otherwise eliminating the need to use force.


Require Warning Before Shooting

Require officers to give a verbal warning, when possible, before shooting at a civilian.


Requires Exhaust All Alternatives Before Shooting

Require officers to exhaust all other reasonable means before resorting to deadly force.


Duty to Intervene

Require officers to intervene and stop excessive force used by other officers and report these incidents immediately to a supervisor.


Ban Shooting at Moving Vehicles

Restrict officers from shooting at moving vehicles, which is regarded as a particularly dangerous and ineffective tactic.


Require Use of Force Continuum

Develop a Force Continuum that limits the types of force and/or weapons that can be used to respond to specific types of resistance.


Requires Comprehensive Reporting

Require officers to report each time they use force or threaten to use force against civilians.


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We want to hear from you

Tell us your solutions to reimagine policing. A taskforce will evaluate concerns and suggestions. Also, if you would like to commend an officer, we would like to hear that too. 


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The Civilian Law Enforcement Review Board (CLERB) is an independent agency with authority to investigate allegations of misconduct filed by citizens of the public against the Memphis Police Department (MPD). CLERB has the power to receive, investigate, hear cases, make findings, and recommend action on complaints regarding excessive and deadly force. This includes injuries occurred while in police custody, harassment by police, improper arrests, inadequate investigations, or any other inappropriate conduct by a member MPD. All complaints are thoroughly investigated, and findings reported to the Memphis Police Department.

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