Hearing Summary Reports

When a complaint is made against an officer, the Inspectional Services Bureau will investigate the claim. If ISB finds that a violation has occurred, the investigating officer will issue a Statement of Charges. The accused officer is then entitled to a hearing, after which the Hearing Officer will complete the Hearing Summary section of the Statement of Charges. The Hearing Summary documents the findings and disciplinary actions taken. Following the hearing, the accused officer may decide to file an appeal or grievance to contest the findings of the Hearing Officer.

Provided below are copies of the Hearing Summaries where an officer was alleged to have engaged in excessive or unnecessary force and the allegation was ultimately upheld. In some instances, an officer may leave the department before a hearing is held, in which case there will be no hearing summary (ex: in 2019, there were two alleged violations of excessive/unnecessary force that were sustained. Each was associated with an officer resignation or retirement, so there are no hearing summaries for that period). The Hearing Summaries are grouped by the year in which the alleged violation was received by the Memphis Police Department.