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We all want a better Memphis. Trust between law enforcement and the people they protect and serve is essential in our city. It is key to the stability of our communities and the safe and effective delivery of police services. To foster that trust, the Memphis Police Department is committed to investigating alleged violations against police officers and communicating the results of those investigations to the public. In addition, the Memphis Police Department will provide data on instances where an officer engages in the use of force or discharges their firearm against a person.

What is ISB?

The Inspectional Services Bureau conducts all internal investigations involving police personnel, as well as other sensitive investigations. Officers assigned to these units are appointed by the Chief of Police and are considered to be highly experienced investigators. Please view the message on the right from Chief Davis.

Alleged Violations Against Officers

Both members of the public and members of the Memphis Police Department have the ability to report an alleged violation against an officer, and each alleged violation is investigated by a member of the Inspectional Services Bureau. The types of alleged violations range from courtesy to the use of excessive force. 

Response to Resistance

The Memphis Police Department responds to over nine hundred thousand calls for service each year, nearly all of which are resolved without an officer ever engaging in the use of force. However, in order to protect life or property or to take a person into custody, there are times an officer must resort to force to overcome resistance to an officer’s command(s). These situations are referred to as Response to Resistance incidents, and officers are required to submit a report documenting the circumstances of each incident.  Each report is reviewed by the Inspectional Services Bureau to ensure protocol was followed and to monitor whether additional training practices need to be implemented.


Calls for service in 2022


Response to Resistance Incidents in 2022 (0.17%)

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